Entrées par Lecko

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: it’s a match!

First and foremost, if you have no idea on earth of what “emotional intelligence” is, here is your chance to get it solved out.  According to the Dictionary of Psychology, it is “the ability to recognize one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information […]

Microsoft and Knowledge Management: that never ending love story

Knowledge management has raised so many different definitions that we do not really know where to settle in between managing, planning, spreading or collecting knowledge within organizations. What we sure know is that it’s all about leveraging information and knowledge within organizations and making users’ everyday life simplier through intuitive systems enabling that. “Managing” knowledge […]

Digital Business in Motion

PwC published their 18th annual CEO survey and it’s actually a gold mine of key figures on how digital is doing on the current market. This survey covers a wide range of topics going from partnership building trends, diversity, technology, competition market or even business growth tendencies etc. It’s huge in the sense that it […]

Digital Leadership: sure, but how?

Pretty exciting news in this mysterious digital world! We’ve been releasing our 7th study and analysis on the most commonly used solutions of the market. This clearly marked the beginning of a thrilling new year, full of great events. We’re also part of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit this week in Paris – this big yearly […]