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Save the date – Lecko’s Office 365 analysis soon out!

We are about to publish our second study on Microsoft collaborative tools. This year’s major focus will be Office 365 applications! On this special occasion, we’ll be throwing a big event on October 15th for the release of the French version. We plan to have the English version ready by November. 

A second edition dedicated to Miscrosoft Office 365

Office 365 collaborative tools are at the very heart of Microsoft global roadmap and inovation strategy. 2015 has been a year of major announcements and events for Microsoft. A year after the release of The Unofficial Guide of Microsoft Collaborative Tools, Lecko’s consultants have worked very hard on covering it all for you and give a sense to what has been behind Office 365 various updates, changes and new application components,


Who is targeted by the study?

This study targets whoever (Management, Functions, IT Departments, HR Departments, Comms Departments, Sales Department etc) would wish to anticipate their needs within Office 365’s changing ecosystem. What are the biggest evolutions 2015 has seen (i.e new products, integration and updates)?. How to consider oneself into Office 365? How to get cleverly what’s behind usages? How to urbanize an entire IT system with Office 365?

Understanding Office 365 cloud-based services

2015 has also clarified Microsoft’s ambition to settle down right inside the cloud: services and Office 365 app components are now available on an Office 365 cloud-based demand service. Do you know Sway or Office Video? No worries, we will provide a very accurate overview of Office 365’s brand new apps and their evolution.

Developing new usages inside Office 365 

Lecko’s consultants based the research on well-known personae from diversified functions such as HR, communications, IT etc. Throughout the study, you will follow them across their very pragmatic use of Office 365 tools. How is Office 365 fiting their daily expectations? Which problems are they confronted to when using it? How do they carry change within their organizations? How to answer THE so-called question “which tools for which usages?”

Setting up the fondations for the urbanisation of an entire IT System with Office 365

IT Systems have to be aligned with the fast-changing digital transformation environment. We will try and clarify how organizations should think or re-think their IT system when integrating Office 365. What are the key questions to be raised? More importantely, what are the limits of Office 365? How to enroll organizations into this big transition towards cloud-based services? Lecko will bring relevant inputs and answers to these major questions.

While waiting for the English version of this analysis, let’s all meet on October 15th for the official release! 

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Who are we?

Lecko is a consulting firm specialized in digital transformation. We bring a deep expertise and accurate methodologies to support companies gaining in efficiency. From the scoping phase to comforting companies in chosing the right solutions, we also try to anticipate cultural and organizational changes, as well as encouraging the development of innovative work practices. We dedicate 20% of our ressources in research and development focused on finding the best solutions of the market and developing methodologies.


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