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The main event on digital & new technologies is about to take place in Paris. Lecko attends LeWeb.

On 9th, 10th and 11th December the annual event, LeWeb, will be held in Paris. Visionaries, start-ups and tech companies will discuss innovation, technology, shared economy, and so on. Hot topics such as  “the reinvention of Healthcare”, “Wearable technologies”, “drones”, “disruption as an ecosystem” will be presented and discussed.

Since 2004, LeWeb has brought together influent people and visionaries from the Silicon Valley on stage to talk about current innovations. LeWeb welcomes 3200 participants every year , the event is nowadays worldwide known and counts 250 000 followers on Twitter.

As an innovative consulting company focused on digital transformation, Lecko will attend the event. Our consultants will cover the discussions and share them within Lecko community.

A closer look at the programme

This year several major trends will be addressed.

The reinvention of Healthcare

Several speakers will talk about the future of healthcare. Technology and shared economy has changed so far many industries. For some visionaries, Healthcare and digital health specially is about to boom. Since the rise of smartphones and wearable through sensors, the healthcare industry is changing. To talk about major aspects and the future of the industry, LeWeb brings up on stage:

  • Jeff Clavier : As the managing director of SoftTech VC.
  • Dr. Daniel Kraft : Entrepreneur and innovator, with a solid experience of over 20 years in clinical practice, Daniel will start the show.
  • Dan Chao : CEO at Halo Neuroscience, Dan will present his company.
  • Sean Duffy : CEA at OmadaHealth, Sean will present his company.
  • Jessica Richman : CEO at uBiome, Jessica will present his company.

A debate on the future of the healthcare industry will close the sequence.


More and more companies build up a business to take advantages of what drones offer. LeWeb is bringing the main actors of this new rising industry to share their experience on that subject. Regarding drones, we can ask ourselves different kind of questions. Will we see drones flying over our shoulders on a regular basis to deliver packages? What about the government? Is a law about to make building this kind of business really difficult?

Companies’ owners and innovators such as Eric Cheng from DJI or Christian Sanz from Skycatch will go through theses subjects and share their visions.

Disruption as an ecosystem

Bringing people together, collaboration and working together on a matter, DIY and the Internet of things are definitely part of current business model.

As part of the shared economy, we saw several start-ups offering new kinds of services. BlaBlaCar allows its users to share their cars, Airbnb helps you share your home, and so on.

The rise of these business models can be disrupting for users and profesionnals

In order to discuss it, LeWeb is bringing Marcus Weller CEO of skully, the most innovative motorcycle helmet of the moment, Jeremy Johnson from Andela and Brian Solls from Altimeter Group.

And much more … 

During three days, experts will discuss several other subjects. The impacts of the Internet of things within companies, crowd economies are some of these. By the end of the three days show, we will be able to enjoy the amazing start-up competition finalists’ demos.

Last but not least

Lecko is thrilled to attend such events ! Do not forget to follow us on this blog and on twitter : @LeckoFR & @LeckoEN !

Adil Berrada

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