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LeWeb start up competition – 3 innovative start-ups reached the final


On December 9th, 10th and 11th the annual event, LeWeb, was held in Paris. Like every year, LeWeb organization set up a start-up competition. Jukedeck, Easysize and Naturalcycles were the three finalist of 2014 LeWeb start-up competition.

Start-up competition organisation

For the first time, LeWeb set up a Start-up competition which started with a Startup Tour. LeWeb team members stopped by four European cities (Stockholm, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona). They gathered local investors, entrepreneurs and media in order to select the most innovative projects. Each project leaders had to present a 5 slides keynote throughout a 90 seconds pitch. Key projects were selected to compete in the annual Start-up competition held in Paris. The tour ended up in France’s capital on December 11th 2014.

Focus on the three finalists

Three start-ups were invited to the final held in Paris.


Users, companies, videogames creators…they all use videos as a powerful tool of communication. Having a unique audio music in videos background is indeed highly appreciated. The hard task and the main challenge is then to find the right music fitting a specific message – moreover, we usually must take royalties into account!

Jukedeck – a London based company – helps you compose the right music. They developed a software on the web that gives access to a large variety of sounds and different options in order to compose the ideal music that fits the video. You can then play music on the web and download it on an MP3 format. Above all, the unique music is royalties-free.

The English company won the competition.


Since the rise of e-commerce people are used to buy clothes on the Internet. The main issue is that sizes could be different from a designer to another. E-companies are often facing a large amount of product returns.

Easysize – a Danish company – won the second place of LeWeb competition. This company helps you predict the right size. To proceed so, the algorithm analyses your online shop history without accessing to personal or payment information. It is only based on customer’s history, comparable brands, country of production, shopping patterns, etc.

The company has promised retailers a 35% to 40% decrease in terms of returns.


Naturalcycles is a Stockohlm based company that helps avoiding pregnancies without using condoms or taking pills. The company ranked at the third place. In order to do that, the company has developed an application combined with a temperature sensor. By monitoring the temperature, the algorithm is able to check whether you are pregnant or not. The company claims a 99.9% accuracy.

All you need to do is:

1- Wake-up
2- Take your temperature
3- Add data via the website or the App
4- Check whether you are pregnant or not

Congratulations to these innovative companies and all of the others start-ups finalists!

Also, congratulations to LeWeb that – once again – was able to bring up on the stage main actors of technology industry.

Finally, last but not least, LeWeb is stopping by 10 European countries to select the most innovative start-ups!


Adil Berrada

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