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Lecko’s third guide to Office 365 is out! The 8 key points to remember are…

On September 29th, we released our third guide the Microsoft collaborative universe. Strategy, new features and applications, opportunities and limits regarding usages, interoperability… Get ready to dive into it and understand it better! 

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Office 365 is an extremely rich and evolving product but  wrapped in a marketing veneer that needs to be peeled away. Getting the most out of the product on offer to support  a change in practices requires an in-depth analysis of Office  365. Luckily for you, we spent time to deeply study the bundle and produce the report, which has 8 key points to remember. By the way, we used the Office 365 tools to work on it 😉

1- A cutting edge product

Clearly one of the best products on the market, especially on the productivity side. It rivals the specialist solutions in every field!

2- A continuously improving catalogue

Every usage is addressed by one or several applications. A usage is missing? Trust Microsoft to deliver a new feature or application to equip it, sooner or later. By the way, Microsoft just launched yesterday Microsoft Teams for teams productivity and enriched collaborative conversations (poke Slack).

Visuel 1Office 365: a true interactive megalopolis!


3- A lack of integration reducing potential usages

The applications are not very integrated with each other. The product fragments more quickly  than it integrates, which creates problems when it is used in businesses.

4- The Digital Workplace, an embryonic promise

Office 365 is not synonymous with the Digital Workplace because it is not very integrated and not very customised. It is an embryonic promise (for other  publishers as well) based on better integration in the future and the input of smart bots.
Visuel 2
How Office 365 will evolve in the future?

5- A room for complementary third party  solutions

Alternatives exist to enhance Office 365: there are add-ons to compensate for the suite’s weaknesses in terms of overall cohesion (Unily, Powell365, Beezy). The connectors available from Microsoft are encouraging but still limited functionally and low in number.

6- Behind the brand: a variety to be dealt with

Office 365 is available at several pricing levels, associated with different levels of access to the components in the catalogue. This variety is reflected in businesses. We had some fun to recap the offers in a chart.
Visuel 3 “Office 365” can mean a lot of contracts and bundles…

7- A significantly depleted On-premise version of Office 365

Only certain applications in Office 365 have On-Premise versions. These are not exactly turnkey solutions despite similar functional coverage. It is  not possible to make the most of the interoperability potential offered by Office Graph.

8- Companies losing control of their data

We are not saying that Office 365 is not compliant. But there is no encryption management by customers, a changing geopolitical context and no international legal agreements. The issue of data reversibility is still unresolved.

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This is Lecko’s third review in its guise as a Microsoft solutions expert without actually being in the Microsoft ecosystem. As a firm we remain independent and technology agnostic. Our analysis is based on an in-depth study of Office 365 solutions and our experience in the field gained from working with our clients who use Office 365 (including Air France KLM, Bouygues, Crédit Agricole SA, GRDF, MAIF, PMU, SNCF, Technip etc.).

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