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Lecko’s latest Developments in Enterprise Social Networking – Volume 8 is out (in English)!

How managers deal with digital collaboration? Why is it so important to rely on practice leaders to accelerate the development of new usages? What are the latest market trends and players? In Lecko’s study (enhanced by Agile Elephant’s US/UK viewpoint), find out more about how organisations are being transformed while the professional ecosystem has to adapt globally.  

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Managers see the need to change

Lecko used OpinionWay to collect the opinions of a sufficiently wide and representative population. 850 managers  were approached in companies with more than 5,000 employees, in all sectors of activity combined.  Managers_insight
Extract from the Lecko-OpinionWay study
Managers undeniably understand  the challenges of digital  transformation and feel the limits  of current organisational methods.  They are more hesitant when  it comes to putting them into  practice. Selling them  “collaboration” in an existing organisational context is futile; they need to be helped to change their organisational  methods and set up a network of players which smooths the flow of discussions and maximises opportunities  for synergies.

Identifying where change is triggered is vital. So is having a different change management approach!
Cultural change is brought about by a limited number of players. It is the operational staff who will drive collaborative initiatives, shake things up and become practice leaders. The study of ESN practice leaders in businesses in the Lecko benchmark showed that they were at the heart of each initiative which generated engagement.
Collaborative initiatives: it all starts with one man or one woman

Market trends: stop focusing on functionality. Effectiveness is key!
Until now, ESN have focused on developing cross-functionality, with the communities which use the practices flying the flag. These days, in an environment of information overload and management of a growing number of different players, employees want to regain their productivity.
Lecko has analyzed 30 social and collaborative solutions. A new assessment concept appears this year: over and above their functional potential, solutions are assessed on their actual capability to cover social usages, i.e. their facilitatory capacity, connected to the user experience, ergonomics, functionality presentation, allowing employee engagement to be stimulated on the platform and leading employees naturally to socialise their practices there.
Lecko’s Social Potential Matrix

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Who are we?

Lecko is a consulting firm specialized in digital transformation. We bring a deep expertise and accurate methodologies to support companies gaining in efficiency. From the scoping phase to comforting companies in chosing the right solutions, we also try to anticipate cultural and organizational changes, as well as encouraging the development of innovative work practices. We dedicate 20% of our ressources in research and development focused on finding the best solutions of the market and developing methodologies.

Bastien Le Lann

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