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Analytics: a powerful tool for Change agents to measure their impact on the organisation (1/2)

Last Monday was the Parisian edition of the Enterprise Digital Summit with the key theme “Digital Workplace & the Next Wave of Digital Disruption”. Actually, it was my first time and it was very inspiring to share Digital Transformation experiences with experts or to hear people telling how they live transformation from the inside of their company.

As a consultant in change management at Lecko, there was one thing that really caught my attention. It’s how most speakers insisted on their effort to build a network of change agents in their company and give them the freedom to lead their initiatives. According to the different contexts and experiences presented, it could be a question of creating a movement for change, recruiting volunteers, even “activists” with no regards of their position in the company. What was noted, and is also part of what we strongly believe in at Lecko, is that change agents need a common cause to believe in, an objective they are willing to fight for.

Sanofi’s case presented by Céline Schillinger was a great illustration of the potential of change agents in the organisation when they are asked directly what they actually want to fight for. Corporate activism turned out to be a great lever for building a network of volunteers willing to dedicate time to transform the company and help their colleagues improve their daily work. Isabelle Daviaud (Accor Hotels) and Anne Landréat (Humanside) also insisted much on all the efforts to create a link with the “field” and allow people from any level of the organisation to be part of the transformation operating at Accor Hotels. Everyone agreed on the fact that these change agents were part of a new kind of network organisation that had to coexist with hierarchy. And from the discussion following the keynotes (with Jane McConnell, Céline Schillinger, Dr. Bonnie Cheuk and Björn Negelmann), I will remember that sentence that for me summarised it very well: it’s all about helping change agents become freelancers in the organisation.

The existing organisation cannot be seen as a roadblock, it gives a frame in which freelancers should be allowed to express themselves and fight for the cause they believe in:Hierarchy VS Network

But when it comes to fight for something, it obviously requires energy and that energy has a price for the organisation. At the end of the day, if there is no clear value created out of this fight, change agents will be given less and less opportunities and credibility to support the cause they believe in. So here’s my question: how can we help change agents have more visibility on the impact they have on their organisation? Or in other words, how can we measure the value they create or the transformation they generate in the organisation?

That’s a question Michel Ezran (Director at Lecko) and I tried to address in our Workshop session by asking this wider question: how to use analytics to drive digital transformation. Keep posted, I will soon make a recap of the different sub questions that came out during the workshop: where do you get data from? what exactly do we want to monitor? how can it help change agents?

And of course, thank you again to all the speakers for sharing their experience (if you couldn’t come, you can find more information here).

Adil Berrada

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